• Turtledove is an exclusive home interior décor, design and turnkey solution provider.
  • We bring to the table vast international and local experience; technical expertise; meticulous research; knowledge of global standards, conventions and practices; vibrant creativity and abounding resourcefulness.
  • Our home décor solutions are uniquely customer-centric, and derived from understanding client taste, style, requirements and individual considerations.
  • We undertake small and big projects which includes renovation, restoration, makeover and refurbishing.
  • We also design and custom make furniture.
  • At Turtledove studio in Bangalore, we are a bunch of creative minds that are undeniably passionate about what we do and take pride in what we have delivered so far. We go an extra mile to do it right the very first time…..

At Turtledove, we believe that we are inimitably placed to serve our clients and we take the trust put in us very responsibly. We consciously choose to go beyond the ordinary in order to build long term relationships over short term gains.

Our mission at Turtledove is to go beyond the ordinary in everything we do!

It is our perpetual exertion to express our respect for our clients through maintaining impeccable standards of quality and sustainability in everything we do for them.


We value our clients; we value our work!


  • Esteem: We esteem our clients, and that is seen in the quality of work we do for them
  • Ethical: We choose to follow ethical route to secure and complete all our projects
  • Engaging: We engage and involve our clients every step of the way. Their inputs and suggestions are incorporated throughout the design process, and material selections
  • Enthusiasm: We love what we do, and it shows in the enthusiasm with which we put in every piece together
  • Experience: We want to give you more than an ordinary experience with us, that is where our experience across the globe counts. 
  • Exposure: We have undertaken and executed projects in — Asia and America.
  • Expertise: Our technical team is qualified and well versed with the latest technology and standards followed internationally in this domain. We also have homemakers and nontechnical people on board whose inputs on practical and esthetic aspects are integrated in our home décor and design deliverable.
  • Esthetics: We give high priority on the esthetics. Our home décor solutions are well thought out and pleasing. We handpick materials, colors, texture, shapes, sizes that will suit the theme and ambiance.
  • Economical: Extensive experience and knowledge about the suppliers and the materials available across the globe helps us to recommend the most economical solutions to every client.
  • Enduring: Our clients’ present and the future needs are taken in considerations and incorporated in our designs We use high quality materials and products to ensure durability